Denise Harbor



Denise Harbor is a native of Los Angeles. She grew up disadvantaged and in an impoverished neighborhood of Los Angeles. She often had someone lend her a helping hand. There was always a neighbor, security guard or teacher who took a special interest in her and wanted her to succeed. They motivated and encouraged her to believe in herself.

She is currently a Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner utilizing her skills as a Nurse Practitioner working for a non-profit organization for the past 5 years. She is responsible for medical intakes, managing the nursing team, creating, developing, and implementing new policies, procedures, and protocols.  Before working with this organization, She worked in a hospital for fifteen years as a registered nurse. Working in the hospital taught her plenty of wonderful skills she is eager to share with students. She learned the basics of patient care and how to deliver patient centered care to improve patient outcomes. She started out as a Student Nurse Worker. It was an admiral position she held while completing the Associate Degree Program at Long Beach City College. This position taught her the ins and outs of being a nursing assistant. After graduating from the associate degree program, she began working for Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. She immediately enrolled in the undergraduate program at California State University Dominguez Hills. Their program did not suit her needs, so she exited the program and later enrolled in California State University Long Beach’s Nursing Program where she completed her undergraduate nursing work. She graduated in 2010 and later enrolled once in the graduate program at California State University Long Beach which led to her receiving her Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner degree and certification. Today she wants nothing more than to be able to inspire and motivate as many young people as she possibly can to act and see their own greatness. The rest is history.