Help Connect Youth to A Brighter Future

We rely on the generosity of our donors, sponsors, and business partners to raise funds. My Next Chapter provides education and training to foster     youth & young adults and prepares them to successfully enter the workforce. The monies raised goes directly toward the program’s operating    expenses which includes program development, computer equipment, software licenses, credentials, workbooks, supplies, instructors, programs, and events. Your gift of any amount will be a huge part of providing this opportunity for the youth/young adults who aged out of the foster care system as they transition to their next chapter in life.

$2, 500


$5, 000


$10, 000


$15, 000


$25, 000


$50, 000


We welcome your tax-deductible contribution to this opportunity to pour into the lives of our foster youth & young adults.

Want to Extend A Helping Hand?

We welcome non-profits and community organizations who provide support services to former foster youth and young adults. If your organization is interested in partnering with My Next Chapter to help change the lives of former foster youth and young adults, please email or contact Attila Morgan, our Program Director at (310) 365-8377.

“It’s someone finally seeing your worth, after feeling like the biggest failure, it’s like someone saying it’s ok. Let’s get back to the drawing broad, after you’re tired of being tired. This program as truly changed alot of the toxic thought patterns I created by thinking that I can’t do it. My Next Chapter has given me my inspiration back!Thank you to all the My Next Chapter mentors for seeing us and to the motivational speakers that took time out of their busy day, to come and inspire us. Please don’t stop what you’re doing with this program it will help so many people that think this is it. They just don’t see how they can make it. This will give them the confidence to step right back in the ring and fight for a brighter tomorrow.”


Los Angeles

“I appreciate everything you all have done for us. You all have spent countless hours and countless resources bringing many different people in to share experiences and share knowledge. You all spent countless hours preparing lessons and assignments for us during this class as well and it is all much appreciated. I love that you all do this to give people a second, third, or how many chances they have had in their entire lives. I can not express how much this opportunity not only means to me but to all the other people you all have assisted with building better lives or at least opportunities. I understand not everyone will take this seriously or even care about all the work you all have put into it.. But I have and I will!”


Los Angeles