Brittany St. Julian



Born and raised in Los Angeles in a single parent household where struggle was present but creativity and out of box thinking was formed. She spent my grade school years in catholic school where she focused on good grades and sports as means to get into a good high school. She would be accepted into a Cleveland High’s magnet program where the shock of her life begun. She changed environments from inner city to suburban and with this mindset change she created new goals to change her circumstances. She attended Cal State Northridge where she studied business and soon learned her love for learning was being challenged by institutional standards. She left CSUN and returned to the city to learn at Cal State Dominguez. She took a different approach to learning as during this time online marketing and online trading became popular.

In 2014, she began learning e-commerce and binary options trading as way to earn money as a college student. This was exciting as she learned new skills while controlling my time. She transitioned into stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies in 2017. Cryptocurrencies was a world of excitement as she dedicated most of her time and energy into learning this new space. In 2020 after walking away from the financial services industry she followed her passion which was teaching and most importantly teaching financial education on investing and trading. She has since launched SB Advisors where she provides quality yet simplified education on the financial markets, strategies, and continued education. She enjoys every moment of teaching as she looks forward to being a bridge between the generations for educating all on finances and investments with a goal of creating financially savvy investors.