Angelika Henry



Angelika Henry is a highly successful Consultant that designs and delivers education through distance and remote learning platforms. Her clients include colleges and universities, large and small companies, and nonprofit organizations. She is focused on promoting knowledge and understanding through customized education with an objective to develop partnerships in the eLearning and online course ecosystem.

Angelika is Certified by the State of California to teach within the K12, Adult and College systems. She also holds a Masters of Science in Education with a focus on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. She is a college Adjunct Professor and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Management Information Systems. She has taught many Business and Technology courses face-to-face, online, and in hybrid situations at local Community Colleges and Universities including California Baptist University, Cal Poly Pomona, and Charles Drew University. As a Distance Learning expert for over 10 years with Blackboard Inc, Angelika aided in the integrations and configurations of back-end computer systems. Then with a focus on the end users, developed partnerships with; Instructional Designers, Administration, Faculty, Facilitators and/or Trainers to design, implement and deploy student centered learning.

Angelika is the CIO of Thematic Learning Organization where she is dedicated to meeting the specific learning needs of program participants. Her passion is to assure that no matter the topic, it is important that the Education/Training one experiences, should not just tick off the bullet points of knowledge, but that the teaching, curriculum and delivery methods meets the students’ learning needs.